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Hailey: A Debbie Reynolds Tribute by Merav from Baby Hobbes Design

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This week's SLPco Showcase features talented Merav from Baby Hobbes design! Make sure you follow her and her beautiful creations on Instagram!


"Good Morning, Good Morning! We talked the whole night through. Good Morning, Good Morning to you.” Plays in my head typically every time the phrase escapes my lips.

I have been a fan of Singing in the Rain ever since my high school musical theater history class--watching Gene Kelly dance around a street lamp and Debbie Reynolds jumping out of a cake.

My heart sunk deep when I learned of the passing of Debbie and her daughter, Carrie Fisher – just a few days before we celebrated 2017. Always a fan of musicals, Singing in the Rain talent and costumes float in my head when I think of great movie musicals of the 50's. I often wish our generation would belt their feelings with songs and beautiful costumes. And sometimes, in the privacy of my own home, I do!

When I was given the opportunity to blog for Simple Life Patterns this month, it took me less than a minute to decide my work. Looking at the selections of girl dresses, the Hailey pattern jumped at me. Not because of the obvious (to me) name-it's one letter away from Hobbes's first name :) but because the moment I laid eyes on it, I saw the blue, drop-waist dress that Mrs. Reynolds wears while dancing and singing “Good Morning” in the living room with Donald O'Connor and Gene.

I have never been a costume designer and while I am sharing with you, I'll also be honest and admit that costumes and Halloween stress me out. This however-I didn't blink twice. The pattern is spot on.

It was really easy to sketch out the color blocking-first time for me. Probably the hardest decision was how to sew the white-zag piece over the top front. Besides the color blocking, I left the pattern as is. I love how it even includes a belt overlay.

Debbie wears a pleated skirt—but I also love my time and my fingers and pleating wasn't an option. I cut the dress in a size 4. Hobbes is slim, and looking at the Hailey's finished size measurements-I was able to cut it in vintage length to finish the look.

I also love that Art Gallery Fabrics creates solids in an abundance of hues of blues. I was able to easily match my color scheme and honored that they sponsored my look. I used Denim blue as my main blue, Lavender Water for the top and Linen White for the scarf and the sewn on. You can tell that their fabrics are thick too, I did’t need to line the skirt. If you like to add these beautiful AGF threads to your shop, check out my friend Laura’s shop here!

Hailey is an easy beginner pattern-so if you are new to PDF sewing, this one is for you. One pattern piece for the front and back, and measurements for the skirt and belt. Kids will love slipping it on and off (no closures) and I love that it can be worn as is or over a shirt.

These days, almost-7 year old Hobbes is jumping on the singing bus. She recently requested the music sheet for "Good Morning"!

I love how I could recreate Mrs. Reynolds look for Hobbes. Now it's your chance to create your own Hailey!

Happy Sewing and Happy Singing!

Till next time,

-Merav @ Baby Hobbes Design

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