13 Days of Halloween: Dorothy

Halloween is just around the corner and now that I don’t have littles to make costumes for, I have time to sew for myself. When I was little, one of my favorite movies was The Wizard of Oz. Dorothy was just so simple yet beautiful. I was easily able to recreate her amazing dress using some fabric I had in my stash, Kendra, and Energize Leggings. 

Let’s get started! I am all about being thrifty and having a dual purpose to my costumes. I would never wear a plaid dress, but, I could see myself wearing a tank top underneath a solid  Tiegan Cardigan this fall, so I made Kendra. I made it to my measurements and exactly as the pattern instructs. Next I had to find a way to make a skirt! I absolutely love the waistband for the Energize Leggings, so I used that as my jumping off point. I created my waistband using the high rise option to my measured size. To create the skirt, I measured my waistband and multiplied that measurement by 1.5. This is so that I could make some gathers to make the skirt a bit fuller.

I then measured how long I wanted my skirt to be and added my seam allowance. I made mine 19 inches and think it is just perfect, not too long, and not too short. Place your skirt piece right sides together and stitch using your preferred stretch stitch down the length.

Now we gather! Use your preferred gathering technique to gather your skirt to fit your waistband. I always quarter my skirt as well as my waistband to help ensure my gathers are all even. Attach the skirt to the waistband. Hem your bottom edge. I used a rolled hem on this skirt as I thought it made it more fun and whimsical. 

Next I added some white buttons along the front seams of the waistband.

My Dorothy dreams have come true!

I can’t wait to see what you create. This would also work well for a Snow White, Belle, a Minion, the possibilities are endless!