13 Days of Halloween: Leia

Hi!  Tamar here.  I’m back for another 13 days of Halloween post!  My kids have been a little bit obsessed with Star Wars for the last year or so.  They even called their baby brother “baby yoda” before he was born.  So, the great costume decision was super easy this year.  Plus I fully embrace any chance I get to sew thematic costumes!!!  While thinking about Star Wars characters, I realized that Hampton is an absolutely perfect Princess Leia dress!  Just add a Cypress hood, hem the sleeves instead of adding the cuff and presto. . . Princess Leia.

Do you have a little princess Leia in your life?  Here’s how you can make your own Princess Leia costume.


First let’s cut out our pieces.  You will need the following:

Hampton bodice pieces (only the main, not the lining)

Hampton long sleeves (add 3 inches to the length of your sleeve)

Hampton Gathered Maxi dress pieces

Cypress Hood pieces


Follow Cypress Steps 1-2 to assemble hood

Sew the front and back Hampton bodice pieces right sides together at the shoulder seams

Follow Hampton steps 18 – 20 to sew in the sleeves

Hem the sleeves instead of adding the cuff.

Follow Cypress step 28 to attach the hood.

Finish it up with Hampton steps 26 – 29.


Your Princess Leia dress is not complete without the belt.  To make the belt, cut out the shape of the belt on the fold.  The length of the belt should be your model’s waist measurement plus 1.5 inches (to account for seam allowance and belt overlap)

Sew your belt right sides together leaving an opening for turning.

Turn the belt right side out and topstitch.

Cut out the shapes from grey vinyl.

Sew the shapes to the belt.

Sew two strips of velcro to the ends of the belt.

Grab a light saber and your Princess Leia costume is complete


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