13 Days of Halloween: Princess Peach

Hi, it’s Amanda on the blog today with costume inspiration as part of the 13 Days of Halloween series!

My family goes all out with themed costumes every year with me making all of them. It is so fun, and I truly cherish the memories made with my family wearing these (and playing dress up in them for months afterwards)! I was so excited when my kids all agreed to a family theme again this year; with my oldest being 12, I know the matching family costume days are dwindling quickly.

Mario Party has been a video game favorite in our house this year, so the kids jumped at the chance to do a Mario Brothers theme! They all got to pick their favorite character, and my princess-obsessed youngest immediately claimed Princess Peach as her first and only choice.

After looking through the Simple Life Patterns website I decided to mash two patterns together to create this princess look. For this super easy tutorial you will need the Diana Cascading Flounce and the Hampton High Low Dress.

First, you will cut your flounce overlay using the Diana pattern piece. I wanted a traditional Princess look to match our inspiration so I cut her size but at the Top Length cut line. You will have 2 mirrored front flounces and a back piece cut on the fold. I constructed this flounce first by sewing the sides together and then using my rolled hem foot for a lettuce edge on the bottom. Once constructed you will set this aside.

Next, you will cut all the remaining pieces from the Hampton pattern. I used the puffed sleeve in the short sleeve length and the maxi length skirt on the straight cut line (instead of high-low). There are several skirt options in this pattern so you can pick whichever matches your inspiration the closest! I opted to add a contrasting pop of color along the bottom hem of my skirt also using the high-low cut lines on the pattern piece and simply top stitched it on. I also love the peek-a-boo back on this pattern and added it to her dress as well to give a little extra detail.

You will construct the bodice, sleeves and the skirt according to the pattern tutorial. When it is time to attach your skirt, you will sandwich your flounce in between the bodice and outer skirt as the tutorial in the Diana pattern shows. And that is how quick and easy it is to sew up your own princess dress using Simple Life Patterns!

I hope you are inspired for Halloween with this costume, and I cannot wait to see yours in the Simple Life Fan Group when you are finished! Amanda


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