13 Days of Halloween: Witch

Hello everybody, this is Marieke from the Netherlands.
There is still a month left, but Halloween is sooner then you can imagine!
I’ll show you how you can make a witch costume in a pretty easy way, but with such a cool effect!
You can use any dress pattern for it, knit or woven, but don’t forget to use the recommended fabric for the pattern.
I used the Trixie, because I know the fit is really good on my daughter.
You can add the placket and the collar if you wish of course too! I omitted it this time, to show you the possibilties.

So, what do you do?

1. Get all your pattern pieces and let’s start with the front.
Lengthen the dress as much as you want. From the natural waist you take out a some width. This isn’t necessary, but I wanted a little less wide dress. You take out a large triangle.
I started approximately 8“ at the top- from nothing to a bottom width of 7“ (this is all up to you how wide you want to have the insert) The piece you just cut out, you save and cut it 1 on fold out of contrasting fabric.

Your front pattern pieces are looking like this now.

2. Cut the back as is and when you took some width from the side, take this also out from the back.

3. Cut the sleeves on the long sleeve length and measure the length from the underarm.

4. Use the length you just measure to draw some wisps on paper and cut it two times out of fabric. The nicest look is by using fabric that has color on both sides. I recommend leightweight fabric with a lot of drape, like lycra, viscose jersey, lace, rayon etc.

5. When you omit the collar, measure the neckline and cut out a neckband or binding to finish the neckline.

6. So, what do we have? We have: a front piece, an insert front piece, a back piece, 2 sleeves, 2 funny pieces, a neckband or stand+ collar and placket.

7. When you sew the placket with the collar, do that first per the original instructions

8. Pin your triangle with right sides together to 1 side of the front bodice

9. The nicest result you get while using your sewing machine, but you can serge too of course. When using your sewing machine stop sewing at 3/8” past the cut out. Backstitch

10. Pin or clip and sew the other side of the triangle to your front bodice and stop sewing and backstitch when you reach the other seam from your triangle

11. Sew the back to the front bodice and close the sideseams

12. Lay your wisps with the straight top to the right side of your sleeve. Fold over the other side from your sleeve and sew the sleeve as normal.

13. Sew your sleeves in the dress.

14. Add a neckband when you chose that option and hem as usual.

You are finished! I hope you like it and I wish you tons of fun with Halloween!


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