September 2020

Hi it's Lacey again!!  There is something magical about high school football season, isn’t there? The entire community comes together for pep rallies on the square, everyone is sporting the school colors, and the little ones are running around in their jersey’s and cheer uniforms, admiring the high school kids they can’t wait to

Hello SLPco Family! Happy Mashup Month! Don't know what Mashup Month is? Well buckle right in because I'm about to tell you! The Challenge We are challenging you to get creative with Simple Life Patterns. You must use at least 2 patterns for your look, but there is no maximum. You may use

Hi Everyone! This is Hwee Ke and I’m here on the blog to talk about simple tips for topstitching with your sewing machine! For this post, I will be working on the beautiful Baby Aspen V Bodice Dress to showcase 2 fancy sewing machine stitches!  The sewing machine I will be