25 Days of Christmas – Day 2 Ava

On the second day of Christmas SLPco and AGF gave to me, a snow white Ava with holly embroidery.

First of all, stop what you are doing right now and  go check out the AGF Pure Solids fabrics. There are so many colors to choose from and they are all absolutely stunning. I knew I wanted to create a solid white Christmas dress for my gal and the AGF Snow fabric was exactly what I was searching for.

I chose Ava for the snow white fabric because I had found a free holly embroidery pattern that I thought would fit perfectly with the sweetheart neckline. The embroidery added such a sweet touch to the front bodice.  I cut ¾ length sleeves to showcase those chubby little wrists and a vintage length skirt for those chubby baby knees. With the simplicity of the snow white fabric, embroidery, and deep hem of the skirt, this dress is giving me all the JOY JOY JOY JOY down in my heart. 

Go grab Ava now while it is on sale. I’m already dreaming up the Valentine’s Day dresses with that sweetheart neckline.

To achieve this look: 

AGF Pure Solid Snow fabric


Dainty embroidered handkerchief bow is from


Bracelets are from


Sock are from


T-strap shoes can be found at 


Follow this link to download the free pattern and tutorial for the holly embroidery used on this Ava dress. The pattern was originally used on tea towels. I scaled the pattern down to fit the bodice of the dress I sewed. 


And if you haven’t noticed a HOLLY jolly theme here yet, then hop on over to this super fun recipe to create yummy Holly wreaths. My daughter devoured them. A tip to the wise, be sure to avoid wearing white dresses while consuming these treats. 



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