25 Days of Christmas – Day 25 Felicity and Saylor

It’s day 25 and we’ve reached the crowning feature. For the end of our 25 Days of Christmas with Simple Life Pattern Company and Art Gallery Fabrics series I bring to you a modified Felicity and Saylor duo.

I’m a sucker for vintage styles. As a result, I frequently find ways to modify patterns to achieve a certain look. I knew for day  25 I wanted to use a modified Saylor as a pinafore. In case you missed my blog post on how to modify Saylor, you can find it here. With a few simple steps you can achieve an adorable pinafore that is great for layering over other dresses or tees.

For the dress underneath I started with Felicity. As I began cutting out pieces for my bodice ruffles I had an epiphany. What if instead of ruffling the strips of fabric, I created two ties? Well it worked splendidly. I love the look so much that I will be making a blog post soon with step-by-step details on how to achieve this modification. As a result, the solid Felicity and neckline bow accentuate the playful fabric of the pinafore creating a stunning holiday ensemble.

I love how versatile both of these pieces are. They can be worn together or separate. I may just make another pinafore and use this sweet Felicity dress for St. Patrick’s Day as well.

To achieve this look

AGF Fabric is Bowtied and Zambia Stone.

Bracelets are from Little Babes Bracelets.

Socks are from Little Stocking Company.

Shoes are from Monkey Feet.

Satin headband is from Clairebow Baby.


As promised, here is my Nana’s chocolate sheath cake recipe. This moist cake has a rich chocolate flavor that is highlighted with just a dash of cinnamon. The most noteworthy part of this recipe is the icing. It is so decadent. Be sure to add pecans or walnuts to make it even more mouthwatering. Because this recipe makes such a large cake it is best enjoyed surrounded by family and friends.


You can probably imagine this series has required several late nights filled with sewing. Plus, my toddler likes to wake up before dawn so I’ve been a little sleep deprived these last few weeks. I decided to make myself one of the free Luna Sleep Masks. My husband has several days off work for Christmas and I plan on getting lots of use out of that sleep mask.  You can even add fun details to your mask using the SVG files found here. Sometimes we need to take time to pamper ourselves.


First I want to thank Becca and Katie for giving me the opportunity create and share this series with you. These ladies have been nothing but supportive and uplifting. I am so thankful for their wonderful pattern creations and the SLPco community they have created. Sometimes it feels like I’ve been with SLPco forever, even though I only discovered this amazing company in January of this year. I’ve learned so much and look forward to expanding on my sewing knowledge through their teachings.

Second, I want to thank Art Gallery Fabrics for so graciously sponsoring this series. I’ll admit I’ve become pretty spoiled working with all of their fabrics. If you have yet to work with AGF fabrics, please treat yourself to some. The quality is unmatched and the prints and colors are so stunning. Did you know that besides cotton woven and knit, AGF also sells denim, voile, canvas, and rayon?! They really do have something for everyone. You can follow AGF on Instagram and Facebook for sneaks at all of their upcoming collections. Katie has a gorgeous new collection called “Hello Sunshine” that will be available in February 2020. I’m already dreaming up all the summery pieces I can sew with these bright and bold prints.


Sew much love,



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