25 Days of Christmas – Day 8 Mia

On the eighth day of Christmas Simple Life Pattern Company and Art Gallery Fabrics gave to me a Mia dress that looks like a gingerbread cookie.


Every year at Christmastime my husband and I make homemade gingerbread cookies. When I started planning this blog series I knew I had to make a gingerbread dress for our daughter. I used Mia for the dress and added Wendy cuffed sleeves. I chose an AGF Pure Solids fabric and paired it with a stripe fabric for the waistband, sleeve cuffs, and bias. I found some tiny cookie cutter buttons at Hobby Lobby and attached them to the front of the bodice for a bit of whimsy.

Chacely loves any kind of sensory activity. We put some flour on her little table and let her play with her wooden gingerbread cookie set in it. She got flour all over my dining room and herself. With smiles like this, though, it was totally worth it. I am interested to see what she thinks of actual gingerbread dough.

To achieve this look

Art Gallery Fabrics are Pure Solids Chocolate and Row by Row Woodlands.

Pigtail bows are from Summer Sprouts Handmade.

Shoes are from Monkey Feet.

Wooden gingerbread cookie set and sign are from the dollar spot at Target.


Following along with the gingerbread theme I found these adorable gingerbread ornaments made from mini flower pots. Since it is off season, you can find these pots for pretty cheap at a home improvement store. Chacely has just started to like painting; I cannot wait to see what masterpiece she creates for our tree this year.


Earlier I mentioned that my husband and I make gingerbread cookies every year. We are still searching for the perfect recipe. This is the recipe we are trying this year. If you have a go-to  recipe, I would love for you to share it with me!


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