25 Days of Christmas – Day 9 Chloe

On the ninth day of Christmas Simple Life Pattern Company and Art Gallery Fabrics gave to me an adorable ruffled pants pattern named Chloe.

I had to make a pair of candy cane striped Chloe leggings with triple ruffles. I mean, what is more iconic at Christmastime than candy canes? Luckily, AGF had the perfect knit fabric to use!

When I cut the pattern out, I cut along the ruffle leggings line. I then measured up to where the top ruffle would be attached and cut straight across, thus creating a small panel for the bottom of the legging. I attached the bottom and middle ruffle to the panel following pattern instructions. I then sewed the top ruffle to the top of the panel. At this point  I attached the panel to the bottom of my legging. This hid all of the seams where the ruffles attach to the legging bottom.

I paired the Chloe leggings with a hot cocoa tee from one of our favorite small shops. I found the adorable tin mug at Hobby Lobby. I filled the mug full of whipped cream and let her dig in. It made for adorable photos without the risk of burns from actual hot chocolate.

To achieve this look

AGF knit fabric is Striped Bold Red.

“Shimmy Shimmy Cocoa What” raglan tee is from Our 5 Loves.

Sparkle red bow is from Haddie Bear.

Shoes are from Monkey Feet.


To keep your kiddos entertained during Christmas break, try this fun science activity. Using Borax detergent and pipe cleaners you can create crystal candy cane ornaments. We are going to try these with Chacely this weekend. Although, I think my husband and I are more excited to try this than our daughter is.


I’ve never had homemade hot chocolate. I always reach for those easy Swiss Miss packets. However, I am hosting my annual cookie swap event in a few weeks and I plan to make this gourmet hot chocolate for all my guests.