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A Holiday Maxi Dress

Hey SLPCo fans!! My name is Stephany Monroe. I am new around these parts of the internet. Guess what? This is not only my first blog with SLPCo but it is my first blog EVER! Let me tell you a little bit about myself. I have a wonderful husband and a sweet but sour 6yo who is the very reason I started to sew. I started just over 6 years ago, teaching myself! Now I have a serger, 3 sewing machines and I am waiting for a coverstitch very soon. Sewing is my life and I am very happy to be here.

With that being said enough about me! This year has been a long, rough, and bumpy road but with the holidays coming up, the end of the year is near. The winter holidays are my favorite time! Everything is bright, festive, sparkly *who doesn’t love a good sparkle*, and snowy white *at least in the north Midwest it is* and the music just gets my soul feeling like a little kid again. My favorite pattern since I can remember with SLPCo is Molly’s Scoop Collar & Pintuck top, dress, maxi. The maxi version in particular just makes me swoon. The scoop back with buttons/snaps is probably one of my favorite parts of the dress. When I was asked to be a contributor, I couldn’t say no and knew exactly the pattern I was going to do first! Molly it was!

So now to decide which version to do, should I add the collar? Should I do the pintuck or do I just leave it plain and let the fabric speak for itself. I totally let the fabric speak for itself and did the plain version. Now that I have the version picked out, it is time to move on to deciding the hardest part for me. The fabric! I know it should be easy but this one just gets me. I am super picky so when I have choices beyond choices it makes such a hard decision. Then it hit me! I saw the most beautiful Double Border Embroidered Cotton fabric over at The Styled Magnolia. Maroon was just the right color to complete the whole look!

You will get to know me and find out that I just love to be a little “extra”. It just makes me, “me”. My extra for this dress is adding tulle and beautiful big gold buttons. So I have my pattern, fabric, and extraness! Come on and let’s move onto some special features of this dress.

As I mentioned first I decide the bodice has to be plain to show the fabric with the beautiful embroidery. There was not need for anything more. To showcase the fabric I decided to cut the bodice on the embroidery edge of the fabric. I also did that with the bottom od the maxi dress. Except I added the whole edge. The tulle I used only the skirt to add a little poofiness. I only added 1 layer since the gathering will help it poof just enough. Buttons are the last thing to complete the dress I have dreamed about and it is complete!

Oh yeah one more thing! During sewing I knew that bug would be needing a “coat” to go with Molly since it is sleeveless and we do live in the Midwest. A cropped Tiegan to the rescue along with some white stretchy fur and there you go. A complete look with, comfy, warm, and stylish!

During these times either celebrating remote or in person holidays, having a holiday dress is a must have!

Hope you enjoyed my first blog! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!! 

– Stephany Monroe


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