A Warm Weather Holiday Pippa

Hi Simple Life family! If you are anything like me, Christmas sewing starts in about August. It is well known that I LOVE Christmas. Everything about it! One of my favourite things, now, is sewing beautiful outfits for my girls. Now as they are getting older, they have these things called opinions. Daisy is equal parts Princess and digging in the dirt. This year I wanted to sew something for her that could be super practical and let her play freely – but at the same time, fulfil her princess dreams. I ’m also based in Australia and need something that will work for a hot summer.

I am a long-time fan of the Pippa romper. The beautiful, scalloped back and those circle shorts are such beautiful details, and you just can’t go past a romper for its practicality. I decided to use this as a base and add a super simple tulle over-skirt to add the versatility to go full princess with the outfit.

Step one is to sew up your beautiful Pippa romper, as per the instructions. I used a rolled hem on theshorts because I am impatient and will use a rolled hem whenever possible – especially on anything with circle in its name.

To construct the waist band, you can use the Blaire pattern and follow those instructions. I wanted to add some of dramatic depth so I lengthened it a bit to meet the size of the back of Pippa. I love that flexibility! For the skirt I used 4 layers of tulle gathered to the width of the waistband and attached with a 3/8 inch seam allowance. You can add more or less – whatever you need to get the look you are going for. I like still being able see the beautiful fabric of the romper underneath. This overskirt is something you can add over the top of any pattern to satisfy the Princesses in your lives.

I can confirm that this is play friendly – Daisy took it for a road test, hunting for snail shells in the

I hope you enjoy my Christmas inspiration as much as I did sewing it. Don’t forget to share your creations in the Facebook group!

Happy Holiday! Courtenay xoxo


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