Adelyn Sewalong: Day 4

I loved seeing all of your progress after the catch up day yesterday! We are oh so close to being finished!! We have a very quick day today.

If you are sewing a gathered skirt, take your two skirt pieces and lay them right sides together, matching up the short raw edges. Sew down the short raw edges with a 3/8″ seam allowance. Finish your edges with a serger or zig zag stitch.

Now it’s time to hem either your gathered skirt or circle skirt. If you are making a gathered skirt, use your preferred method for hemming.

If you are making a circle skirt, you can leave your skirt raw, use your serger to roll hem the edges or you can fold your raw edges up. Since folding up the edges on a circle skirt can be difficult, I found a method that makes it easier for me. I use Lite EZ-Steam II by Pellon. It is a tape like product that is sticky on both sides.

First, I firmly press the tape along the raw edge of the skirt.

Next, I peel the paper off revealing the other side of the fusible tape. I take my skirt and carefully make a fold, using the fusible tape as my guide. Press firmly so it sticks.

Finally, sew around the skirt creating your hem.


So perfect and easy!

Make sure to share you hemmed skirts in the SLPco Fan Group and use the hashtags #SLPcoAdelyn and #AdelynSAL.

Happy hemming,



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