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Adelyn Sewalong

I am so excited for the Adelyn Sewalong!! Starting next Monday, we will work together to create some amazing dresses & tops for our littles! Even better, we have teamed up with Mo’s Pattern Shop for the sewalong to make matching undies for your Adelyn’s!! Mo Pattern Shop will be offering a coupon code for SLPco fans just for the sew along. You must join the SLPco fan group to receive the code!


For the Adelyn, you will need knit fabric for the bodice. You can use woven for the skirt, bow ties and flutters. Make sure you are picking a knit fabric with plenty of stretch! For the Mo’s undies you will just need knit, no elastic! This will be a great opportunity for you to try sewing with knits if you are new to them or just a great opportunity to make something new for your little lady’s closet!

Here is the timeline for our Adelyn SAL week! There will be prizes at the end of the week! You can do a little piece of the Mo’s each day or sew them up all in one day with us on Friday. They are super speedy. Cut to sew in 15 minutes!


Now that you have picked your Adelyn style, make sure you grab your coupon code in the SLPco fan group for the Mo Pattern Shop coupon code!

Here are a few samples of the SLPco staff’s matching Adelyn and Mo’s!

I can’t wait to see what fabric you choose for your Adelyn’s! To get the most up to date information

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XO Ashley


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