Autumn Sew Along Day 5

Autumn Sew Along – Day 5

We’ve reached the last day of the Autumn sew-along. Today is going to be an easy day and a great chance to catch up if you’ve fallen behind. We are working on steps 26 and 27 today. These two steps include hemming your sleeves and the bottom of your dress or top.

Autumn SAL


We only have two steps left to complete our Autumn creations. The first thing we need to do is hem our sleeves. Begin by folding up the sleeve hem by 1/2″ and press well. Topstitch your sleeve hem 3/8″ away from the folded edge. Repeat with your other sleeve hem.

To complete the bottom edge of your Autumn dress or top you should first serge around the bottom hem. If you have a coverstitch machine then you can skip this step. Next, fold your hem up 1″ and press well. Topstitch 1/8″ away from the serged edge.

Designer tip: if you have trouble with your knit fabric stretching or bunching up while trying to hem then you can use hem tape to hold your hem in place. I like to use Heat ‘n Bond iron on hem tape. This will secure the hem in place and provide some stabilization to the fabric to keep it from moving/shifting around while you sew.

Day 5 Progress

That’s it for day 5! I told you it was going to be an easy day. If you have fallen behind don’t give up! You have until Sunday, September 20th, at 8 pm CST to finish your Autumn creations and get your daily progress photos uploaded into the Autumn sew-along album. I will draw winners on Monday and announce them in the sew-along album. Thank you so much for joining me on this sew-along. I hope to see you join us for the Sapphire sew-along next month!

Autumn SAL Day 5 Progress


Happy sewing,