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How to sew a fully lined box pouch with Cricut

You can never have too many pouches, bags, purses…. right!?! I am excited to share with you this FREE pattern for a fully lined zipper box pouch. These little zippered boxes are super handy. They are great for throwing some of the essentials you need in them and tossing it in your purse. I also making one for each kid to have next to their seat in the car. They can put their colored pencils/ crayons in them instead of all over my floor. I don’t like bringing my purse to the beach so this is the perfect size to throw a tube on sunscreen, car keys, chapstick, phone and some cash for ice cream cones. I even created this pattern to be cut with your Cricut Maker! You can find the design in the Cricut Community here. Okay, enough chit chat, lets get to sewing!!!!!

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.


 (note: you can make 2 pouches with the yardage amount)

Main fabric: 3/8 yard or 1 FQ

Lining fabric: 3/8 yard or 1 FQ

Pellon ShapeFlex (SF101): 3/8 yard

Pellon Craft Fuse (808): or Pellon Fusible Fleece: 3/8 yard

8″ or longer zipper

Optional Products:

Cricut Maker 

Cricut EasyPress 2 

Cricut Pressing Mat

Cricut Fabric Grip Mat (12″ x 24″) 

Cricut 12″ x 24″ Acrylic Ruler

Cricut 45mm Rotary Cutter

Cricut Scissors

If you are using a Cricut Maker, you can open the design in the Cricut Community. If you are cutting by hand, you can download the PDF pattern pieces here

Okay, pick out your fabrics. This seems easy but sometimes its just so hard because you want to sew with all of them. Today I am using 2 prints from my West Palm fabric collection for Art Gallery Fabrics. I am so excited this is shipping to stores soon!

If you are using a Cricut Maker, prep your fabrics and stabilizers for the machine.

Main: 12″ x 21″

Lining, Shapeflex & Craft Fuse: 12″ x 17″

Here comes the fun part! Cut all your fabrics and stabilizers out.

We will now fuse our stabilizers to our fabrics. The Craft Fuse goes on your main (outer) fabric. Then fuse the shapeflex to your lining fabrics. I LOVE using my EasyPress 2 (large) for these types of projects. fusing stabilizers can be very time consuming but not with this, cuts your time in half (at least!). I also love how hot the EP2 gets, my regular iron just cant provide that hot even temperature. I also use the Cricut pressing mat. This is one item everyone should have in their sewing rooms! I use it everyday (hence a few food stains… ooops….). I can put this right on my cutting mat/ counter and press. No heat whatsoever escapes through the bottom. If it did, it would ruin my cutting mat or my counters.

Okay – so you should now have your main and lining fabrics all ready to go.

take your zipper and lay it face down on the main fabric. your zipper and fabric will be right sides together. My zipper is a little longer than I need so I just centered it on there. we will the the excess off later.

Now place your lining on top of your main fabric, right sides together. your zipper will now be sandwiched between the main and lining. Sew 1/4″ from the raw edge.

fold the main and lining away from the zipper. Press the fabrics so you have a nice crisp fold along the zipper. If you are using a nylon zipper, be sure you don’t press the zipper teeth. They could melt.

Separate your fabrics and lay them flat. The lining and the main will be right side up, with the zipper in the middle. Take your main fabric and fold it over to the other size of the zipper. Your main fabrics will be right sides together.  Place a few pins to hold it in place. Repeat this with the lining. Fold it over to the other side of the zipper. You will now have the zipper sandwiched between your main and lining fabrics again.

Sew 1/4″ from the raw edge.

I like to use a zipper foot when doing this. Depending on your zipper choice, you could get away with your regular foot. <3 my BERNINA.

Turn the pouch right side out and press the fabric away from the zipper. Topstitch the zipper/ fabric fold about 1/8″ from the edge. It is easier to topstitch if you unzip it.

Turn your pouch wrong side out and separate so the lining is on one side, the main on the other side of the zipper. On the lining, place two fingers in the cut out and separate, lining up the raw edges. Your seam will be centered along the raw edges. Pin in place.

Sew 1/4″ from the edge. I like to backstitch at the beginning and end. ONLY DO THIS ON ONE SIDE OF THE LINING. Repeat these last two steps on the main fabric. Again, only do this on one side of the lining and both sides of the main. We need that other opening to turn our bag right side out.

Take your pull tab and press a crease down the center.  now fold the raw edges in towards the center crease line and press. Fold it in half one more time and press. your raw edges are now enclosed. Topstitch your pull along each side. You can also add more topstitching for a decorative touch. Cut it in half so you have 2 tabs.

Take your tabs and fold them in half and pin to keep it together.

Be sure your zipper pull is inside your bag. Take a tab and pin it along the raw edge on your main fabric, centering it on the zipper. Pin in place.

Fold your main AND lining fabrics together. your seams will be centered with the zipper pin all the layers together and sew 1/4″ from the edge.  Next: BE SURE TO UNZIP YOUR BAG!!!! Repeat the last two steps with the other side. Be sure you pin your zipper well so the teeth are right next to each other. Trim off any extra zipper ends.

Reach in your lining opening and through the zipper opening and grab a corner of the main fabric. Gently pull the bag through, turning it right side out.

To close the lining opening, fold the raw edges in 1/4″ and press. Pin the layers together. Sew about 1/8″ from the folded edges, securing the layers together.

Thats it, you just made an adorable fully lined zipper box pouch!

Happy Sewing!


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