Check out our new Interactive patterns!

I am beyond thrilled to finally show you what we have been working on for MONTHS! We are all about providing the best patterns with the best features. I feel interactive patterns are the next “layers” for pdf sewing patterns so we jumped on board and really made them user friendly.

We haven’t really promoted a lot of the features that our current patterns have so lets start with that first.  (Don’t worry, we will get to the new interactive patterns next).

Almost all our patterns have layers. This is a pretty big deal for a lot of us sewers. I dread opening a pattern and it not featuring layers! I know some designers don’t want to offer that, but gosh – it has to be my absolute favorite thing about PDF patterns and if there are 2 similar patterns I like, I will buy the one that has layers over one that doesn’t (I know I am not the only one)!

About 1.5 years ago, we started offering the A0 file format for patterns that have 5 or more pages. For those that don’t know what A0 is, it is a file designed for large format printers. With this, you can take it to your local copy shop (or upload to an online shop) and print your patterns on 1 page (what a time saver!). Do you run a boutique? Or sew a certain style in multiple sizes? Ao is also layered so for those that want multiple sizes on separate pages, this is a big time saver. 

ABOVE: A0 format

BELOW: Letter/ A4 format

If you want to just print on your home printer, our patterns are trimless too! No trying to cut along lines and matching things up. Simply overlap the pages by 1″, your guide lines and circles will make for perfect placement. Tape and cut out your patterns. Easy peasy.

Okay, lets get to the good stuff now. I have spent months setting up a new interactive PDF layout that all our new patterns (from here on out) will be in. There are a lot of really cool features, including hyperlinks to products needed / used. Links to our shop, social media networks and photo albums. One great feature for those that print the entire pattern is I made a separate layer for a lot of the cutesy design elements – so you can turn off all those elements, saving you tons of ink. In the pattern that are also “jump to” links. As you know, we offer MANY options in our patterns and to keep it as organized as possible, we made it so if you need to skip to a different step – just click it and it will take you there! How cool right! There are so many more amazing features in this pattern, but its best if I just show you in a little video here.


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Our first pattern to feature this new layout is the new Felicity’s ruffle neck/arms TOP DRESS & MAXI. Grab your copy now!

I really hope you enjoy our new patterns. If you have any questions, please feel free to comment or join our FAN GROUP. We would love to hear what you think of the new layout and if you would like to see anything else in the pattern, let us know!


Happy Sewing!

Katie Skoog


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