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Coastline Blog Tour

Welcome to the Coastline blog tour! Today I am going to be showing you some amazing summer outfits made using Sharon Holland’s newest fabric line for Art Gallery Fabrics. I was lucky enough to not only score some woven fabrics, but I also got to play with some of the canvas and voile.

I was lucky to meet Sharon at Quilt Market this past fall, where she was showcasing some amazing quilts in her adorable booth. I chatted with her for a long time and told her I am dying to get my hands on her voile print. I wanted to make the “Bella” maxi dress with it, I just knew it would be the perfect pattern to showcase this gorgeous “Tropical Breeze” print and she was excited too! Here are the coolest ladies you will ever meet: Sharon Holland, Maureen Cracknell, Amy Sinibaldi, Pat Bravo & Me.

If you have been following me, you might have noticed I am on a voile kick right now. It is so amazing and so soft. Same with the canvas – it is so much softer than you would ever expect. If you havent used AGF voile, it is similar to their wovens but thinner and it has a silky texture/feel. Because it is thin, some garments might need a lining. I didn’t line my dress because I wanted to keep that lightweight flowy feel. In full daylight you can slightly see through it, it is a darker print though so that helps. For more on AGF Voile, click HERE, for more on AGF Canvas, click HERE. 


Okay… so lets get to the good stuff!!! COASTLINE. To sum up this line…. Amazing, beachy, vibrant. Makes me want to sit on my porch in a rocking chair with a cup of coffee and enjoy the fresh air…. To bad it is -2 degrees out today… For these pictures I used the amazing “Bella” pattern, maxi length. It was just the perfect dress for this voile fabric. I also wanted a laid back, relaxed look for my other look. I opted for the Brenda’s bow back dress but no bows to keep it simple. I am really obsessed with this pattern at the moment – it has now become my go-to pattern. I paired it with Emilya’s skinny pants, capris & bermuda shorts – in the shorts length. I used the canvas for these and they turned out so amazing! I really want a pair just like them.

My kids summer wardrobe will feature TONS of coastline. I already ordered a bunch of prints from the line to start working on tops & dresses. (I purchases these from Punkin’ Head Threads – that orangy-pink sail boat fabric has my heart!!!)

We have a beach nearby and I can not wait for all this snow to melt so I can photograph more Coastline outifits…. So you havent seen the last of SLPco & Coastline….

Head on over to Sharon’s Blog to get the full schedule of the coastline blog tour. She has an AMAZING line up of talented ladies that have created so much gorgeousness. She is also hosting a giveaway on instagram – so read about how to enter there.

Still want more inspiration for coastline? Check out the look book HERE. You will see my 2 cuties in it 🙂

To see more collections from Art Gallery Fabrics, including Sharon’s 2 other lines, sketchbook & Gossamer, check out their website HERE. 

I hoped I sparked bit of creativity in you today! If you haven’t tried canvas or voile yet… i highly recommend you do!

Happy Sewing,


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