Color-block Back Bodice

 My Halloween sewing is currently running amok amok amok! I love the bold colors of Halloween: lime green, orange, and purple. I try to incorporate these colors into my sewing as much as I can. 

One easy way to add color and interest to your sewing is to color-block the back bodice. I typically use Lucy when I color-block because the look of the racerback really makes a statement.

When cutting your back bodice pieces, cut mirror images of both colors, resulting in 2 colors for the main and the lining. Be sure when sewing the back bodice pieces to the front at the shoulder  that your lining pieces are opposite from your main. 

It wouldn’t be Halloween without sewing a Frankenpattern. I paired the Lucy bodice with the Cora  ruffled bottom maxi skirt. We live in Kansas so sometimes we have snow and others it’s hot as hades. Throw a denim jacket over or layer a long sleeve tee under for a perfect fall look. 

A huge thank you to Blend Fabrics for providing the Halloween fabrics shown from the Boo Bash collection by Maude Asbury. 

Happy sewing, Chauncey