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Day 3: Kinley Sewalong

We’re back for day 3 of the Kinley sewalong. So far we have all of our materials cut and are ready to sew today. This is what we will be completing:

First, let’s start with our bodice construction. You will need the four bodice pieces you cut out yesterday. Complete steps 1-4 of the bodice construction using 3/8″ seam allowance.

Here is a video to help you with steps 5-8 as they can be a bit tricky to understand.  If you are adding sleeves to your Kinley, you will skip steps 5-8.

Part 1:

Part 2:

If you are sewing a Kinley with Rayann sleeves, you can start at step 14 of the bodice construction on the Rayann pattern (page 8). You will gather the middle portion of your sleeve as noted in the pattern. Then you will line up the raw edges of your sleeve with the raw edges of your arm cycle on the bodice, right sides together. Sew with a 3/8″ seam allowance.

Once you sew your sleeves on OR you have completed steps 5-8 on the Kinley pattern to enclose your armcycles on the sleeveless version, it is time to add the sash. Make sure you only sew it to the main front and main back bodice. You will want to fold the lining out of the way like I have done below. (You can see it folded up around the neckline)

After sewing it on, your sash may be a bit longer that your bodice.  You can just cut off the extra sash.

For the long sleeve version, hem the bottoms of the sleeves.  I decided to add 1/4′ elastic to create a ruffled look. I measured my daughter’s wrist to decide on the length of my elastic. I am making the 2T and cut my elastic at 5 1/4″.  As I sewed the elastic onto my sleeve 1″ from the hem on the wrong side of the fabric, I stretched the elastic creating this look:

If you are making a long sleeved version, sew up the side seams of the sleeves and bodice. If you are making the sleeveless version, you will need to complete steps 19-20 in the bodice construction section of the Kinley pattern. Topstitch and you have a completed Kinley bodice! Here are my sleeveless and long sleeve Kinleys! (P.S. the button on the sash isn’t sewn on yet 😉 )

Don’t forget to share you finished bodice pictures on the SLPco Fan Group Facebook page!

See you back tomorrow to construct our Kinley skirts!




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