Ella Sew Along – Day 2

Welcome back for day two of the Ella sew-along. If you are just now seeing this, there is still time to join in the fun. Just be sure to check out the day one blog post to catch up. For day two we will complete steps 1 through 9 of our bodice construction. Let’s get sewing.

Bodice Construction

Begin by laying your back main bodice so the right side is facing up. Lay your front main bodice on top of your back main bodice so right sides are touching. Align along the shoulder and pin in place. Sew/serge along the shoulder seams. Repeat with your lining pieces.


If you are making the long ties, fold your fabric pieces in half lengthwise so right sides are together. Sew along one short edge and down the long edge. Clip your corners. Designer tip: at this point I like to serge my raw edges, especially if I’m working with a fabric that has a tendency to roll. This keeps the edges nice and flat once the tie is turned right side out. Turn the tie right side out. Repeat with the second tie. Press well. Accordion fold the raw end of your ties into thirds.

For the short ties, place one set of knot tie pieces together so that right sides are touching. Sew around the knot ties with a 1/4″ seam allowance. Be sure to leave the short end open so that you can turn your tie right side out. Repeat with your second knot tie set. Clip your curves and turn your knot tie right side out. Press well.

For both the long and short ties, measure down 3/8″ from the top edge of the main back bodice and place your tie so the top of the tie sits right at the 3/8″ mark. Baste your tie in place. Repeat with the remaining tie on the opposite back bodice.

Adding The Lining

First lay your main bodice pieces so right sides are facing up. Lay your lining pieces on top of the main with right sides touching. I like to align the shoulder seams of the main and lining together and pin there first. Continue matching all of the neckline edges and pin in place. Sew along the neck and down the back. Clip your corners and curves. You are now done with day two of the sew-along!

Day 2 Progress

Be sure to post a photo of your half finished bodice into the sew-along album in the fan group. I will see you back here tomorrow when we will finish up our bodice construction, including adding optional sleeves. If you have any questions please let me know. Also, don’t forget to invite your friends to join along!


Happy sewing,




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