Ella Sew Along – Day 4

You’ve made to day four of the Ella sew-along! We’re almost done with our Ella creations. For day four we will attach the skirt to the bodice by working through steps 19 through 25 of the tutorial. I will post a video in the Facebook fan group on how to attach tulle if you chose to add that option.

Gathered Skirt

If adding the gathered skirt to your bodice begin by laying your skirt pieces so that right sides are touching. Sew/serge along the two short sides. Next, sew two rows of gathering stitches along the top of your skirt. I like to sew the rows at 1/8″ and 1/4″ from the top raw edge. Pull your gathering threads to cinch your skirt fabric. Adjust your skirt gathers to be the same width as your bodice. Pin the skirt to the bodice so that right sides are touching. Sew/serge the skirt to the bodice.

Asymmetrical Skirt

With your asymmetrical skirt still folded from cutting, mark the sides of the skirt with a pin or clip.  Likewise, fold your skirt in half the opposite direction, matching up the two pins from the previous step. Mark the folds with a pin. You should now have 4 pins along the waist opening. These are your quarter points.

If adding a simple circle skirt underneath the asymmetrical skirt continue by placing the asymmetrical skirt on top of the circle skirt and pin in place. I find it easier to baste the two skirt pieces together before adding to the bodice.

Mark the center front and back of your bodice with pins. Take  your skirt(s) and place them over the bodice so that right sides are touching. Match up the raw edge along the bottom of your bodice with the quarter points on your skirt. Pay close attention to which of your quarter points you are matching to the sides and center. The short side of the asymmetrical skirt should be matched up with the side seam of the bodice. Sew/serge the skirt(s) to the bodice.

Adding Tulle

When I add tulle underneath the asymmetrical skirt I like to start by sewing the asymmetrical skirt to the bodice first. You would complete steps 21 through 25 to do this.

Then I sew my tulle strips together to create a continuous loop. Start by overlapping the short end of two tulle strips by about 1 inch. Mark the center with a pin or clip.

Then beginning sewing a gathering stitch where you marked with a pin. Continue sewing along the top edge. As you come to the end of  a strip be sure to overlap the short ends by approximately 1 inch to connect your next strip. Sew until you have all strips connected into a loop. I then like to go around again and sew another row of gathering stitches.

Carefully pull your gathering threads to cinch up your tulle until it is the same width as your bodice. With your asymmetrical skirt flipped down over your bodice, align the gathered edge of your tulle with the raw edge of your bodice/skirt pieces. Sew/serge the tulle to your skirt/bodice. I prefer to use my serger for this step. Turn right side out and you are done!

Day 4 Progress

Make sure to upload a photo of your skirt attached to your bodice into the sew-along album. Tomorrow we will finish our creations by hemming the sleeves and skirt.


Happy sewing,



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