Fall Capsule Wardrobe: A Monthly Challenge DAY TWO

Welcome to DAY TWO of our Fall Capsule Wardrobe series. Here is a quick recap of this month’s challenge details. 

Missed yesterday’s post? You can find it HERE!


The Monthly Challenge

This month’s challenge is to plan and create a Fall Capsule Wardrobe. Here are the quick details:

  • Create your own Fall Capsule Wardrobe with three tops, three bottoms, and three layers and/or accessories.
  • Take flat lays of your finished pieces and put them in a Sudoku Square collage. 
  • Post your collage in the designated album on the SLPco Fan Group.
  • The winning collages will be determined based on the number of likes (50%) and staff pick (50%)!
  • Prizes: 
    • 1st Place: $30 in SLPco shop credit AND 3 yards of fabric from Art Gallery
    • 2nd Place: $15 in SLPco shop credit and 1.5 yards of fabric from Art Gallery
  • Contest Ends August 31, 2020.

Now that we have that out of the way, let’s dive in to picking our coordinating fabrics!


How to Choose Coordinating Fabrics

Choosing coordinating fabrics was the part of the process that intimidated me the most. How in the world am I supposed to make sure all these fabrics coordinate? Especially if I am ordering them online?! Let me just tell you, Art Gallery Fabrics made this step a BREEZE. After selecting my fabrics I wondered why I ever even stressed, it was SO EASY!

When you go to the Art Gallery (AG) Website (click here) you will see all the AG fabric collections. If you click on the collection, it then takes you to a list of pictures and names of fabrics found in that collection.

Each collection has numerous fabrics to choose from and all of them coordinate with each other. What does this mean? This means that AG has pretty much done the fabric coordinating work for you as long as you choose fabrics from the same collection! Not as intimidating any more, right?

Let’s say that you want to mix between collections (I chose to do this). AG makes this super easy as well! Within each collection, you can see at the bottom which solid colors are used. These solids are reused throughout various AG collections just in different combinations. When looking at the fabrics you want to use, you can check to see if they have the same colors by seeing which solid colors they have in common. If you are confused, DO NOT STRESS! I will walk you through my experience below. 

I chose eight out of my nine fabrics from The Open Road collection by Bonnie Christine. The mustard, olive, mauve, and blush tones completely sold me the moment I landed on her collection. It just screamed fall and I just knew her fabrics were the ones I just had to use. But I really, really, REALLY wanted some orange to throw in the mix. I went on a mission to find the perfect autumn orange to bring to my capsule that also coordinated with my other chosen fabrics.

That is when I found the Spirited collection by Sharon Holland. When I saw Painted Prairie Cornucopia it was exactly what I had been envisioning. But how did I make sure it would match my selections from The Open Road? When I scrolled down and saw the colors found in the Painted Prairie Cornucopia, I found that it and The Open Road had Sienna Brick and Peach Sherbet in common! Therefore I knew that I could use those two to help tie the two collections together. Be sure to keep in mind whether you will need woven or knit when selecting your fabrics. 

I found it easier to pick my patterned fabrics first and then fill in the gaps with solids. As I found fabrics that I wanted to use, I took screenshots and put them into a collage arranged in the way I would use them. Making the collage gave me the ability to see how the capsule would look and made it easy to move fabrics around to see the different looks before purchasing. Below is what I came up with!!

Once you have your fabrics selected, be sure to transfer the names of the fabrics to your table that you made earlier! Now you have everything you need to start ordering fabric and buying your supplies!

If your fabric choices are from AG, you will not be able to order directly from their website. Instead, you will order from your favorite AG retailer. A simple Google search with the fabric’s name will also bring up different shops from where to purchase! 

Tomorrow’s blog will be the last of our Fall Capsule Wardrobe series where we will get to start sewing our patterns and we will cover flat lays.






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