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Getting to know the SLPco Team- Becca Plymale

 Hi, I’m Becca! I am a military wife, mother of 2 sweet kids (Dean, 5 and Ava, 7), seamstress and PDF pattern designer for Simple Life Pattern Company.  I have always loved to create, whether it be at my sewing table, in the kitchen or a DIY project around the house.  My passion for sewing started when I was pregnant with my daughter, Ava.  I wanted a diaper bag made out of my husband’s flight suit and so I dusted off my sewing machine, found a pattern, and got to work. I instantly got the sewing bug and made a couple dresses in time for Ava’s birth.  After that, I was hooked and sewing became my creative outlet.  As my passion for sewing grew so did my yearning to learn new techniques and try new projects.

 I joined the SLPco team a few years ago as the social media coordinator and pattern designer.  It has been an absolute dream job.  I am able to work at home doing what I love and still be available for my kiddos when they need me.  You can also find me over at Sunflower Seams, where I blog about all things sewing.

What do you watch/listen to while sewing?  It really depends on my mood and if the kids are home but I like to listen to podcasts, music and watch Netflix.  If I am watching something I like to choose a show that I can halfway pay attention to and still know whats going on.  Right now I’m in the middle of the Jane the Virgin series.  It is a lot funnier then I thought it would be.
How long have you been sewing?  I learned how to sew in 8th grade Home-Ec class but didn’t put it to use until about 8 years ago.  For the past 8 years I have been sewing almost daily.
What is the first thing you can remember making?  The very first thing I made was a purple gym bag in Home-Ec.  It turned out pretty good and I used it as my swim bag until it was literally in pieces and couldn’t be sewn back together.
What’s your favorite part about being a maker?  The ability to use my hands to create something.  I love the entire process of brainstorming a project and then getting to see it come to life right in front of me.
What is your favorite substrate to work with and why? Depends on who I’m making it for.  If I’m going to be wearing it, then rayon.  If it’s for my kids I prefer quilters cotton or knit.
What is your all-time favorite creation? I would have to say the flight suit diaper bag I made when I was pregnant with my daughter.  It is the project that started it all for me and still my most loved, along with the backpack I made my son.
In one word sewing is _______? Calming
Who is your sewing idol and why? Honestly, I’d have to say Katie.  She has such endless wealth of knowledge and creativity.  I learn something new from her almost daily.
What notion could you not live without? I can’t live without my rotary blade.  I don’t know how I used to cut patterns and fabric out with scissors.
What’s your favorite season? Summer.  I was born in the desert and currently live by the beach so cold weather and I don’t get along.  My husband likes to make fun of me because really anything below 70 degrees is quite chilly for me.
What’s your go-to coffee order? I like my coffee hot and with just a little bit of milk.
What other hobbies do you enjoy when you’re not sewing? When I’m not sewing you can usually find me under a blanket with a good book or jumping waves with the kiddos at the beach.
If you could only choose one song to play every time you walked into a room for the rest of your life, what would it be? My song would be Happy by Pharrell Williams.  Everytime I hear that song it brings a smile to my face and makes me want to dance.
Thanks for stopping by to get to know me a bit better!  I’d love to get to know you better as well.  Leave me a comment below answering one of these questions yourself.
Happy Sewing!


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