Hampton Sew Along – Day 3

Today we are adding sleeves to our Hampton bodice or finishing the sleeveless bodice version. Day two seemed a little rough and there were several questions about sewing the shoulder seams closed. I will get a video posted for this step as soon as possible into the sew along album.


Did you know there are hyperlinks embedded within SLPco pdf patterns that you can click for more information or helpful videos? For example, there is a hyperlink between step 10 and step 11 that leads to a video on the burrito roll technique. The burrito roll method is used to close a sleeveless bodice.

If I’m not mistaken, everyone that has joined the sew-along so far is making a sleeved version. For the sleeveless version, complete steps 11 through 17 of the Hampton pattern tutorial to enclose your sleeveless bodice. You can find the burrito roll video and SLPco YouTube channel here.


If you are adding sleeves to your bodice then you will work through steps 18 through 20 today. First mark your cap sleeve fabric piece with the gathering marks located on the pattern piece. Second, sew a gathering stitch between the marks on the top curve of your sleeve. I like to sew two rows of gathering stitches for more even gathers.

Next, lay your bodice flat in front of you so that right sides are facing up. Match the right side of the sleeve to the front armhole. Pin at the shoulder seam and sides. Ease the sleeve into the armhole starting at the sides, pinning as you go. Pull the gathering threads so the sleeve fits into the armhole. Sew or serge the sleeve in place. Repeat with the other side.

Once you have your sleeves sewn in then it is time to close your bodice. Lay your bodice so that right sides are facing up. Fold the back bodice over onto the front so that right sides are touching. Match up the sleeve, shoulder seam, and sides. Sew or serge along the sleeve and side seams. Finally, repeat for the other side/sleeve.

Day 3 Progress

You are done with day 3 of the Hampton sew along. If there are any questions please let me know. Don’t forget to upload your daily progress photo into the sew along album in the Facebook fan group for a chance at 5 daily prizes. I’ll see you back here tomorrow when we work on adding the bands to our sleeves and the optional pockets.

Happy sewing,



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