Hampton Sew Along – Day 4

You all did such a great job adding your sleeves yesterday to your Hamptons! If you already attached your sleeve cuffs, then today will be a rest day. Feel free to add the optional pockets! Let’s start working on adding our sleeve cuffs.

Sleeve Cuffs

First, fold your sleeve cuff in half and sew the short edges together.

Next, fold the cuff in half so that wrong sides are together and the seams are hidden inside. Repeat with the other sleeve cuff.

Set your cuffs to the side. Grab your bodice. Sew a gathering stitch along the bottom raw edge of your sleeve. I suggest sewing two rows of gathering stitches for more even gathers. I like to sew the first row at 1/8″ and the second row at 1/4″ from the raw edge.

Adjust the gathers so the sleeve is the same width as your sleeve cuff. Slip the cuff over your sleeve. Align the cuff raw edges with the sleeve raw edge. Match up the sleeve side seam/cuff seams and pin. Adjust the gathers of your sleeve and pin to your cuff. Finally, sew the cuff in place. Repeat for the other cuff.

Your bodice is now finished! Continue below if you are adding pockets to your skirt.


When adding the pockets, make sure you look at the measurements in step 24 for placement of your pocket pieces. For example, a size NB-3/6m is placed 1″ down from the top of the skirt. Measure down from the top of the skirt the suggested length and mark with a pin. Place the top flat area of the pocket piece at the mark so that right sides are touching. The curved edge will be facing inward. Match the straight edges of your skirt and pocket piece. Sew in place. Complete this step for both sides of your front and back skirt pieces.

Trixie Sew-Along Pinned Pockets

Now, flip your pocket out toward the side of your skirt fabric and press. Place your skirt back on the skirt front so that right sides are touching. Match up the side seams and pocket pieces. Sew down the side of the skirt, around the pocket, continuing down the skirt to the hem. Note: you may need to use a sewing matching for this step as the curves can be hard to achieve with a serger.

Trixie Sew-Along Side Seams

Day 4 Progress

We are so close to finishing our Hamptons! Make sure you upload your progress photos into the sew along album in the Facebook fan group. I’ll see you back here tomorrow when we hem and attach the skirts!


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