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Hemming a Circle Skirt

I love the look of a circle skirt and my daughter loves how they twirl but it can be difficult to get a perfectly flat and beautiful hem.

Today, I am going to show you an easy way to hem your circle skirt using bias tape.  Since bias tape is cut on the bias it easily stretches around your curves, leaving you a beautifully hemmed skirt.  I love how it also adds a fun contrast on the inside of the skirt.

Hemming a Circle Skirt


Circle Skirt Pattern: Tilly

Bias Tape

Wonder Clips

For this tutorial, I used store bought bias tape because that’s what I had on hand.  You can also easily make your own coordinating bias tape.  Last week we posted a tutorial on how to make bias tape.  You can find it HERE.

Trim your seam allowance to equal half the width of the bias tape.  Because the seam allowance for Tilly is ½”, I trimmed ¼” off of the bottom of the skirt.

Hemming a Circle Skirt

Unfold your bias tape.  With right sides together, clip one edge of the bias tape to the edge of the skirt.

Hemming a Circle Skirt

When you get all the way around to the beginning of your bias tape, fold over one end by ½”.  Trim the other end of the bias tape just long enough to overlap the folded edge by 1”.

Hemming a Circle SKirt

Hemming a Circle SKirt

Sew around your skirt in the fold of the bias tape.

Hemming a Circle Skirt

Turn your skirt over, wrong side up and fold the bias tape up towards the inside.  Topstitch around the bottom of your skirt 1/8” away from the bias tape edge. Hemming a Circle Skirt

Give your hem a final press and now you’re done!!

I promised you an easy tutorial and a great looking finish.  I hope you remember this the next time you need to hem a Tilly or any other circle skirt.

Happy Sewing!


Hemming a Circle Skirt

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  • Felicia Balezentes


    I am an admitted bias tape junkie (I just used your tutorial over the weekend, by the way!) and I have a tall kid so I don’t like losing length to hems. Bias tape can save a lifesaver. I used it on Tilly’s, too, but I used double-fold so it showed on the outside, as well. Great tutorial!



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