Jaimesyn Sew Along – Day 5

Today is the last day of the Jaimesyn sew-along. Most of you finished yesterday and your dresses look absolutely beautiful. If you have fallen behind, don’t give up! You have until Sunday evening at 8pm CST to get your dress finished and photos uploaded to the sew-along album. For today, I will go over the pleated hemline, which is completely optional. I love that one of you decided to add this option!

Pleated Hemline

You will notice there is a chart with measurements for creating the pleated hemline. Be sure to follow the width and seam allowance instructions within the chart closely. With your skirt wrong sides out, fold the bottom of your skirt up from the hem according to chart directions and press so that that wrong sides are touching. I like to pin the fold to make sure it doesn’t move at all. Sew from the fold all the way around the skirt according to chart directions. Press your pleat down.

Continue to  iron your fabric up according to chart directions to create the desired number of pleats. For subsequent pleats you will measure up from the previous pleat stitch line. Make sure you press your pleats and stitching really well for a nice clean finish.


Designer tip: Hobby Lobby carries a line of really thin crochet lace that is perfect for adding to your pleated hemline. If I remember correctly, I used two spools for a size 9/12 month dress. I topstitched the lace to the bottom of each pleat using a 1/8″ seam allowance.

Day 5 Progress

For your day 5 progress photo I would love a modeled photo of your dress. I understand some of you sew for grandchildren and are unable to complete this request. Simply capture a fun flatlay photo of your dress instead. As a reminder, you have until Sunday evening to upload all of your photos into the sew-along album. I will draw winners after 8 pm CST. Thank you all so much for joining me for this sew-along. I hope you had as much fun as I did!


Happy Sewing,



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