Knit Ayda Sew-A-Long Day 2


Welcome to day 2 of our Knit Ayda Sew-A-Long! If you’re just joining us head back to the day 1 post and get caught up then meet me back here!

Today we will be cutting our fabric. If you plan to embellish your bodice you will also be embellishing now so that any embellishments will be enclosed in our seams when we sew our bodice tomorrow!


Today I want to discuss with you a method called ‘fussy cutting’. This is actually a quilting term that refers to cutting a piece of fabric in such a way that a specific spot will show when you are finished. When sewing a garment you may want to use this method when you have a special fabric that you want to showcase. In my case I have these adorable bear wreaths that I want to showcase on the front center of my bodice. You will see below that I folded my fabric directly in half over the bear wreaths and then centered my pattern piece directly over the one that I wanted to showcase on my bodice while also making sure I left room above and below so that none would be cut off in the seam allowances.

If you are using the circle skirt you will be using the pattern piece to cut out your skirt on the double fold. If you are using the gathered skirt you will be using the measurements provided in the cutting chart to cut out your skirt.



Now is the time that you will embellish your bodice if you decide to do so, if not you are free to skip this step! I decided that I wanted to add some pretty lace accents to the back of my bodice so I will be adding my lace strips at this point. I used a roll of stretch lace trim and cut it in half because I didn’t need it that wide.

Be sure to head on over to the Day 2 post in the Facebook group to post photos of your fabric and embellishments all cut out and ready to sew for tomorrow!

Until then,