Knit Ayda Sew-Along Day 4

Day 4 of our Knit Ayda Sew-Along is upon us and it is time to sew and attach our skirts!
If you’ve chosen to do the gathered skirt this is the point that you will be attaching your two skirt pieces together and gathering. I personally like to use two rows of gathering stitches because my gathering comes out much more even this way. I chose to do the circle skirt for my Knit Ayda so I will show you how I put mine together below.


Find the quarter points of your skirt opening and mark with pins or clips. Repeat this step with your bodice.

I then like to add more pins/clips in between my quarter points so that my bodice opening and skirt opening are split into eighths. This helps to ensure you are evenly sewing without any stretching.

Place your bodice right sides out into the skirt so that they are right sides together and match up your pins/clips.

Sew/serge together and you are done!

Head over to the Facebook group and find the day 4 post here!

I’ll see you back here tomorrow to attach our skirts.

Until then,


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