Knit Ayda Sew-Along Day 5

It’s the final countdown!!

Anyone else singing along with me?? No? Okay, I’ll just keep singing alone.

We are just about finished with our knit Ayda’s.  Some of you may have went ahead and hemmed your pieces already but I like to save hemming for very last. It’s my least favorite part and therefore I procrastinate doing it until absolutely necessary. There are a few ways which we can finish our skirts, my absolute favorite is by using bias tape. Stevey wrote an awesome post explaining this exact method here, and so did Becca here. Head on over to their posts and come back here when you are finished. I’d love to see your bias tape skirts over in the Facebook group!

Check out this beautiful bias tape hemmed circle skirt!

Hemming the Sleeves

Lastly we will need to hem our sleeves. To hem the sleeves, if you are using a regular sewing machine you will need to be sure you are using a stretch stitch. This can be either a “lightening bolt” stitch, a triple stitch, or even a zig zag stitch. If you have a double needle this will give a beautiful finish while still allowing your sleeve to stretch. I have a cover stitch machine and use this to hem my sleeves as it gives a really professional finish.

We are done! Here are some finished pictures of my Knit Ayda. I paired mine with the Sarah Ann Leggings (Baby Sarah Ann and Girl Sarah Ann).


Head on over to the Facebook group and find the day 5 post here. You will have until Sunday to catch up and add your photos to the albums to be entered to win the Hawthorne Threads Gift Certificate prize!


Until next time,


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