Layer Up with Cheyenne and Newport

Newport is one of my favorite summertime SLPCo patterns. The back silhouette and uniquely

beautiful pockets create the perfect dress for fun in the sun! Today, I’m going to share a few tips

and tricks not only to perfect the Newport pocket, but also extend the life of Newport beyond the

hot days of summer and into the brisk days of fall by pairing it with Cheyenne.

First, let me introduce myself! My name is Lacey, and I am a born and raised Texan with a love

of art, sewing and creativity. I went to school for graphic design, worked as a creative director

through my 20s, and now I am working my favorite job as a stay at home mom to three. I was so

excited to get this opportunity to share with you today, and I hope we have some fun and can

learn a thing of two from each other along the way!

Now, I don’t know about you, but I always get a little sad moving our summer clothes to the back

of the closet. Those sweet dresses hold memories of playdates, walks on the beach and late

night ice cream runs. All the fun of summer doesn’t have to end as we move into football (and

more importantly, pumpkin spice) season though! With these 3 tips, you can get a few more

months out of you creations.

1) Layer

Cheyenne makes the PERFECT layering piece. Whether you make the dress or the top, like I

did here, they two patterns work together so well. Cheyenne is a quick knit sew, and with all the

sleeve and neckline options, you could easily create a half dozen different looks from one

pattern! Design Tip: If you are creating Cheyenne as a layering piece, check the neckline of

what you are pairing it with before adding the neck ruffles. There are some dresses that may

need to be altered at the neckline so the ruffles are not covered up, or adding bulk beneath the

top layer.

2) Size

If you know beforehand that you are creating Newport to layer over Cheyenne, consider sizing

up by one size in width. This will allow a little bit of extra ease to accommodate for the bulk,

although minimal, of Cheyenne.

3) Skirt Length

On skirt length, there are two things to consider. If you are layering Newport over a Cheyenne

dress, hemming the Newport to be 1-2” shorter then your Cheyenne (or if your Newport is

already getting a little short from a recent grow spurt!) would allow the color of the bottom layer

to pop out a bit and add to the layered look. On the other hand, if you were to make the Newport

one size up in both length and width this fall, you could potentially get an entire summer out of it

as well!

Ok! Now let’s talk pockets! The pockets on Newport are precious, but I know they can also look

a bit intimidating. In the video below, I’m going to walk you through them step by step, and show

you just how simple they really are.


Make sure to post below with any question, comments or tips on how you extend the life of your

creations! I am looking forward to seeing all of your Newport/Cheyenne pairings!