Playroom Project Party with SLPco

Hi, this is Kristina ( on Instagram), and today is my day for Mister Domestic’s Playroom Project Party!  If you’re not familiar with Mister Domestic, go check him out on IGFacebook, and/or YouTube, and you’ll soon see why I am so thrilled to be partying with his fabric!!
A few months back, I had the opportunity to sew up something for the Art Gallery Fabric Playroom Lookbook.  I happened to be testing the Sloane sock pattern at the time, and so the first thing that came to mind when I saw the Fingerpaint prints was, “Hand Socks!!!!”  So I made a pair!
How fun are hand socks?!?  But here’s the thing: socks are hard to photograph, at least without capturing the rest of the kiddo. So I pondered, and I decided I needed to outfit her in SLPCo patterns to show off these socks. And I decided I wanted a fun PJ vibe.  But since SLPCo doesn’t have any official PJ patterns, I got creative. First, the free Cami pattern came to mind. And then I thought of the Roxie skirted legging pattern, which has an option for simple shorts. And voila!  Those two patterns together make the cutest, comfiest simple PJ set!
After putting this look together, I was itching to sew some more Playroom knits!  (If you’ve never seen with AGF knits before, go grab some now!  They’re amazingly soft!)  So I got my hands on some of the Belle Aquarelle print in knit, and I started plotting some more PJs!  This time I wanted to make a nightgown. As I scrolled through SLPCo’s patterns, Autumn jumped out at me. For a nightgown version, I made a few easy modifications. My daughter wears a 3T width, 6 height in SLPCo patterns, but I wanted her Autumn nightgown to be extra comfy, so I sized up her width to a 4T. Then as I was blending sizes, I blended out a few extra inches wider at the bottom for more of a breezy nightgown feel.
I also had some scraps of Fingerpaint left over from my first project, and I wanted to incorporate those, too, to show off all three Playroom knits in one project.  So I added them as binding on the flutters, and I combined a strip of each color to make a neckband.  And here’s how it turned out:
My daughter absolutely refused to take her new nightgown off for, like 36 hours, and she’s already begging for more!
So the moral of this story is that SLPCo patterns are fabulous for any time of the day (or night)!
Also, be sure to follow along on Mister Domestic’s IG as the Party continues!


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