How to Sew a Reversible Dress using the Skyler Pattern

Do you want to stretch your beautiful fabric as far as it will go? Or do you have a little one that is sensitive to seams? If so, a reversible dress may just be for you! ☺ This is a quick and easy way to make Skylar reversible. Here are the steps to get started! 


1. Gather the materials called for in the Skylar pattern. Instead of a lining fabric, you will need 2 sets of main fabrics. 

2. Cut your pieces. For each main fabric you will have a front bodice, back bodice, and skirt. In addition, you will have the pieces to make the center bow (2 main pieces and a center piece).

 Designer Tip: Choose fabrics that look good with the same bow so that your bow can be the same color on both sides.

3. Construct a sleeveless bodice as instructed in the pattern. 

4. Hem the skirts for Main 1 and Main 2 and give them a good press. Try to make sure you hem each one the same amount. Alternatively, you can take a slightly larger hem in one if you want the other to peek out the bottom for a pop of color. (You can also hem as a last step, but I find things tend to get left unhemmed when I do this ☺).

5. Now comes the magic! Flip your bodice so Main 1 is right side out and mark its quarter points. Now take the Main 1 skirt, flip it wrong side out, and mark the quarter points of the waist opening. Place the skirt over the bodice matching the quarter points on the skirt waist opening to the quarter points on the bodice. 

Take the Main skirt 2, flip it right side out and mark the quarter points of the waist opening. Place Main skirt 2 inside the bodice, matching the quarter points to those of the bodice. You should now have the bodice sandwiched between the two skirts, with each skirt right side facing the right side of the matching bodice.

6. Sew all 4 layers together…and like magic, your dress is now reversible, with all seams enclosed! 



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