Sapphire Crop Hack

Hi! My name is Tamar and I’m back on the blog to show you a simple hack for making a cute crop top with Sapphire.  I love finding ways to transition all of my kid’s summer tops to fall.  This crop top looks cute over any dress or top.  I put this one over a simple sleeveless Isla peplum.

I wanted the top to have a wider neck than sapphire and a v-back.

This is all accomplished by simply switching the front and back pieces, and using a lining instead of the neckband.  So, let’s get to it!

  1. Hold your pattern up to your model and mark the desired length on the center fold line. 
  2. On the side seam of your pattern, mark a line one inch lower than your desired length.
  3. Draw a line 3/8th of an inch long in from the side seam.
  4. Draw a gentle curve from the side seam line to the mark on the fold line.  This is the finished length of the front piece.
  5. Mark a point on the fold line, two inches below your first mark.
  6. Draw a gentle curve from this line to your side seam line.  This curve is the finished length of the back piece.
  7. Finally draw your cut lines 1.25 inch higher than your finished length lines.  This accounts for seam allowances and your hem band.

The dark black line is your cut line.  The pencil line is your finished length line.

  1. Cut two front pieces and two back pieces.  The front piece will have the higher hem and the higher neckline.  The back will have the lower hem and the lower neckline.
  2. Cut two sleeve pieces.
  3. Sew according to the directions for your favorite SLPCO knit dress bodice.  
    1. Sew the shoulder seams of both the main and the lining.
    2. Sew the main and lining together around the neckline.
    3. Sew the sleeves into the armscyes.
    4. Sew the side seams and sleeve seams.
  4. Measure the length of the bottom hem.
  1. Cut your bottom hemband 4 in. wide by 85% of your hem length.
    1. Multiply the length of the bottom hem by .85.  
    2. Add two seam allowances (.75)
    3. Example: My hem was 26.75 inches around, so my equation was  (26.75  x .85 = 22.74)  Then I took 22.74 + .75 = 23.5)  Therefore, I cut my hemband 4 x 23.5)
  2. Sew your hemband to your crop top according to the directions for the sapphire hemband.
  3.  Admire your perfect little fall transition piece!