Simple Life Pattern Company | Saylor Sew Along Saylor's Squared Bow Back Top & Dress. Saylor's Squared Bow Back Top & dress has such a fun and modern look as a top or dress.   Saylor features an open squared back with side bows or large center bow, square cutout back with side bows or simple square back.   Taylor can be made with the sweetest sleeve tabs or sleeveless.  The higher bodice is perfect for adding embellishments or monograms.  Saylor also features a simple skirt with a deep hem or ruffle skirt. Top version only has simple skirt option but the dress features both versions. Square back fancy play dress holidays pdf sewing pattern bows sleeve tabs ruffle skirt summer spring trendy modern bonus hair bow tutorial 2" bows 3" bows 5" bows S Taylor Threads Summer Sewing

Saylor Sew-Along Day 2



~Cut Fabric

~Embellish Front Bodice


Welcome to cutting day of our Saylor sew along!  If you are just joining us, you have time to catch up by visiting Day 1. This is the worst part of sewing for many people; it always takes me longer than I anticipated! I find cutting goes more quickly if I use my rotary cutter and mat as opposed to scissors. Precision is important here – if you don’t cut precisely the garment will not fit as intended. If you are cutting stripes or a directional fabric you can step up your game by cutting your front and back pieces so your stripes or prints line up at the seams. I do this by setting the bottom of my front and back pattern pieces in the same position on the print.

Once you’ve cut your fabric lets get inspired and jazz up those front bodices. Saylor is a perfect canvas for embroidery, some fun lace or trims up the front or some special buttons. Get creative and add your embellishments now so they are neatly sewn into your seams when we construct the bodice.

Be sure to post pictures of your fabric and embellishments in the fan group! See you tomorrow for bodice construction 🙂