Skyler Showcase

Hi there! It’s Cindy here and I bring to you my very first blog for the Simple Life Pattern company. Today I’m gonna showcase the Skyler pattern to you. Don’t you just love it when a pattern has multiple options? So you can make tons of different creations with just one and the same pattern? Today I will show you three different outfits I made my daughter using one and the same pattern; Skyler.
Skyler is a dress & top pattern with a square back. But this square back you can showcase in different ways. On the left you can see the square back with the big bow. In the middle you can see the square cut out and in the right you can see the open square back with side bows. It also comes with different sleeve & skirt options. Let’s take a closer look to each of these creations!
As you can see, three times the same pattern but three different outcomes! First you can see a skyler with a gathered skirt. The second and third both have a circle skirt. All skirt options come in three different lengths – peplum, tunic & skirt. 
Next to that you can also see three different sleeve lengths. First you can see the long sleeves, second the shorts sleeves and third the sleeveless version. These creations even leave out two other options: elbow length sleeves and sleeve tabs. 
Now let’s take a closer look at the back!
I really just love a unique back view and Skyler definitely fits that bill! And how cute are these bows? My daughter actually was a bit disappointed they where in the back, because now she can’t adore them herself all day!
In the first picture you see the square back with the big bow. I think it’s a real eye stopper and I love it in contrasting fabric. It just pops out doesn’t it? The second one shows the cut out option and I love the elegance of this top version. The third show she square cutout with two small side bows. I think these bows would also look cute combined with the square cut out! Or maybe on the front next time, so my daughter can actually see them herself. 😉
And last but not least, let’s take a quick look to a VERY important dress factor – at least according to my daughter. The twirlyness!
Well they all have been twirl-approved! But of course the circle skirt had the most swirl to it. If you got a kid who loves twirling, a circle skirt is definitely the one you got to go for! 😉 Even the peplum length version still had a nice swing to it. 
I hope I got to give you a good look at all the different options the Skyler pattern contains. Maybe you even got inspired and get to try one yourself. Don’t forget to share it in the facebook group. I can’t wait to see what you’ll make with it!
Happy sewing,


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