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SLPco Lucy Sew-A-Long Day 2

Welcome to Day 2 of the Lucy Sew-A-Long!

It’s time to get cutting (if you haven’t already) and then sewing! This is going to be super fast. I know many have questioned how much time they will have to do this SAL, but I promise, you will be done in no time at all today!

Yesterday we decided on the back bodice style and fabrics. If you are making a knit bodice version, feel free to jump right to my post from last year HERE. It will give you all the ins and outs of sewing a knit bodice Lucy.

But as you know, I am working with this lovely Hawthorne Threads Rayon.

Now, start by cutting out your bodice. You will need 2 front bodice pieces and 4 back bodice pieces. I typically line my bodices in a coordinating solid so I can save my beautiful fabrics, but seeing as I don’t have solid rayon on hand, I used this beautiful lily pad print for the lining of my bodice, as well.

If you are adding embellishment, I strongly recommend doing it now before sewing on your lining. Of course, my little lady said no to all of my suggestions for bodice embellishment. Seeing as I really want her to enjoy wearing this, I obliged this time.

Also, if your fabric needs stability for the buttons, now would be the best time to add the interfacing. I have a tendency to save time and skip this step if I am using a stiffer woven fabric, but with the rayon, this was an absolute must.

So, now once you have sewn the main bodice and lining together, it’s been turned inside out, side seams stitched and pressed to a lovely crispness, it’s button time! I chose to use snaps for this particular Lucy bodice. I don’t know why I have waited so long to use snaps, or why it took me 4 months to even start using them after Santa brought me a huge bag of them, but I am now obsessed and put snaps on everything I make! If you haven’t used them, try it … they are fabulous.

Still, some pretty buttons to complement your fabrics is a great choice, too! Like I did here with my very first Lucy.

And that is it! You have your Lucy bodice ready to go. Isn’t that curved front bodice so lovely?

Join us in the Fan Group to upload your bodice photos in the Day 2 Album! I can’t wait to see all the pics. We’ll see you back here tomorrow for the skirt!



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