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Sophie Sew Along Day 4

Welcome to Day 4 of the Holiday Sophie Sew-A-Long! This means skirt day. We’ve gone through choosing fabric, cutting the pattern, cutting out the fabric, sewing up the bodice. Today is an easy day!

From here, you’ll want to grab your 2 skirt pieces and sew them up. Really, it’s that simple. Place the pieces right sides together and stitch up each of the short sides. If you are adding a ruffle hem, this is where you will add the ruffle to the bottom of the skirt and top stitch the seam. If you are not adding a ruffle, simply hem the bottom of the skirt and stitch.

Now, the next part is pretty important. You want to make sure to remember to add the bias placket. Find the center of the back skirt piece and follow steps 29-31 in the pattern to create a pretty little placket. If you are uncertain, there is a link to a how-to YouTube video conveniently located in the pattern. This will help so much. If you are new to sewing and wondering why this part is so important, well, that’s because it’s going to allow some wiggle room to pull this over your child’s head while she’s getting dressed.

Once you have the placket completed, you’ll create a gathering stitch around the top. Pretty simple, but it will put you in a good spot for tomorrow’s task. It’s certainly nice to have easy day after all the details of sewing the bodice together yesterday. This is a perfect time to catch up if needed! If you are playing catch up, you can find all the details of Day 3 here.

That’s it for today friends! I am looking forward to Day 5 and seeing all the beautiful completed dresses. See you tomorrow!



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