Sweater Vest Hack

Hi! It’s Tiff again, and I am back with a fun and festive sweater vest. I haven’t worn a sweater vest for years, but I keep seeing them all over Pinterest, so why not! A sweater vest is such a perfect transition piece for fall and winter. And with a little accessorizing, it can carry you through multiple holidays. I made a red lightweight sweater knit and paired it with a Christmas button down, this could easily be paired with a solid white, gray or even pink button down for Valentine’s day. I already love the look and ease of making the Sapphire, so decided to use that as a jumping off point. Let’s jump right in! This was a super fun, easy mash with a great end product! As always, do a practice garment before cutting into your favorite fabric~trust me on this one! 


Fabric Requirements:

I used the Sapphire Fabric requirements to estimate how much fabric I would use. It was pretty close because the sleeves are being omitted.


The pictures I am using in this tutorial are from a projector file. Please use the same directions for a printed pattern. Select your appropriate size based on your measurements (I made the size I measured into and did not size up because Sapphire is a loose fit.). Please plan on doing any grading that your measurements require. 

Gather your pattern pieces for the Sapphire front bodice and Tiegan front. Cut the neckline of the Sapphire stopping at the inner shoulder point. Mark this point with a straight pin or fabric marker of your choice.

Line up the Tiegan inner corner point with the Sapphire point. Tiegan’s shoulder is wider and not cut at as much of an angle as Sapphire.

Cut the Tiegan shoulder and arm hole, snip down about 1/2 inch from this point

Remove Tiegan from your fabric as we switching back to Sapphire for the remainder of the front bodice. Make sure that you have your pattern piece lined up using your neckline as your reference. Cut the bottom bodice using the Hemband High Hip cut line. Gradually grade the Tiegan bodice to the more narrow Sapphire bodice. Use the Sapphire bodice cut line to help guide your grading.

Repeat the same process for the back bodice.

Cut out the arm bands for Tiegan with no modifications. Cut your preferred Neckband as well as the hemband for Sapphire. We have all required pieces, let’s double check before moving on: Modified front and back bodice, Sapphire Neckband (one of three widths, I did the 6 inch one)

, Sapphire Hemband, two Tiegan arm bands. 


Follow step 1 for Sapphire. Skip step 2. Now complete steps 3-10. Let’s attach our arm bands by following steps 15-17 for Tiegan. Almost there! Complete steps 15-17 for Tiegan to attach your hemband to your bodice. 

Now grab a cute button down and strut your stuff! Don’t forget to share your make in the Facebook group.


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