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Tuesday Tips: Group Games

Summer is full of parties, family reunions and kiddie sleepovers! What a better way to entertain a group of people than by fun games! I’ll tell you a few of my favorite, and I’d love for you to share yours!

Pass the Ball: Introduce Yourself

One of my favorite get to know you games involves a beach ball and some creative questions. I use a permanent marker to write one question on each panel of the beach ball.  The people form a circle, and one person throws the ball to another. Wherever your right thumb lands on the ball is what question you answer. For example, my right thumb may land on the yellow panel, and the question is below:

(I know, I know, this one isn’t technically a question. ūüėČ We played this recently with our church)

Elbow Spells

This one is super funny! Make a list of random words, with some short words and some long words. Have one contestant stand in front of the group. Whisper a word into his/her ear. This person must spell the word in the air using only his/her elbow. The first person in the group to guess the word wins!

Puzzle Hide and Seek in the Dark

For this game, it needs to be dark outside or you need to be in a dark room.  You will need to have two puzzles in boxes and two flashlights. Split the group into two teams.  Give each team a flashlight. Their goal is to find one of the two hidden puzzles (that you have previously hidden) and then solve it in the dark using only their flashlights. The first team to complete their puzzle wins!

Hot Potato Remix

I’m sure you’ve played hot potato before! Well, I have a remix version for you! To prepare, wrap an object in layers and layers of protection. For instance, I’ve wrapped a pack of gum in 3 sheets of tissue paper, scotch tape, wrapping paper, scotch tape again, layers of bubble wrap and finally packing tape. The group will not know what is wrapped up. ¬†Place a fork, butter knife and the object in the middle of the circle. Hand one person in the group two dice. The person will roll the dice. If he/she rolls a pair, he/she will grab the knife, fork and object and start trying to open it. (They can only use the fork and knife to open it!) The dice will continue being passed until someone rolls a pair. Each person only gets one roll. The person opening the item continues trying to open it until someone else rolls a pair. Once someone else rolls a pair, that person takes over and tries to open the item. ¬†The person that¬†eventually¬†opens the item¬†gets to keep it!

I hope you’ve enjoyed these group games! We’d love to hear your favorite group games over at the¬†SLPco Fan Page!

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