Hi Everyone! My name is Madi and I have been sewing since May of 2019. Last year was the first time I made a swimsuit and I got hooked on making all the swimsuits and luckily for me our summers here are hot and we can usually start swimming in March/April. After I made my first swimsuit (Elise which is on sale this month so I highly suggest you buy it if you haven’t ) I racked up a nice swim fabric collection. I sew for my little cousins and family friends little ones so I have lots of swim planned but didn’t want to use the same patterns again and again this summer so I decided to try using some of the non swim patterns to make swimsuits. I used Autumn top option  and Pixie panties  with bands.

I love rashguards especially with this hot sun here and knew Autumn would be perfect. Autumn has a top or dress option, ruffles or plain bodice, sleeves or tank top and lining or binding option. For my Autumn I used the top option with ruffles and short sleeves as well as the lining option which I just used swim lining for. I have not made the ruffle option of Autumn so I love how this turned out!

For my Pixie’s I went with the bikini option and simple instead of the panel option. Pixie also has the option for FOE, Bands or Binding for the waistband and leg holes and I went with bands. Pixie calls for a gusset but I decided to not do that and insead cut out the front and back again but with swim lining so the bottoms were completely lined. 

For my Swim fabric I used a pretty sunset ombre from Boho Fabrics. I love all the swim Boho has and I love that they have a make it a bundle option for swim where they include swim lining, a coordinate and lining. 

And of course swim pictures wouldn’t be complete if the crazy kid didn’t insist on doing a  cannonball into the pool.

*Madi G


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