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Using Your Sewing Machine Feet: Blind Stitch Foot

Welcome to part one of our blog series, “Using Your Sewing Machine Feet”. Each week we will be discussing different feet that come with your sewing machine and what those feet can be used for. Today, we are talking about the blind stitch foot. On a Brother or Babylock sewing machine, this foot is also called the “R” foot.

The blind stitch foot has a guide that runs down the middle of the foot.

Most commonly, this foot is used to make a blind hem on the bottoms of pants, curtains, etc. However, I like to use the blind hem foot to create the perfect topstitch.

As you topstitch, line the guide up with the outside edge of your fabric.

When topstitching, I like to use a 3.5 stitch length. You can use this foot when sewing around neck openings and arm cycles, when topstitching the skirt to the bodice, or any time you want a very precise line.

Check out this perfect topstitch!


I’m well on the way to a very fun Ayda! 🙂

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