Wild About Winter by Kasey from Ruby Rue Creations

Simple Life Showcase is a blog series featuring our talented bloggers, boutique owners, and pattern testers. We are so thankful when they share their creations with us! This week, we have Kasey from Ruby Rue Creations. You can follow Kasey’s blog here ! Make sure you also follow her on Instagram


While a majority of you are sipping hot cocoa by the fire (read: shoveling yourselves out of your homes and driveways), in South Louisiana we are dealing with a heat wave a week before Christmas! So what better theme for this Showcase than “Wild About Winter”!

Each time I sew a Simple Life Pattern for the first time I fall in love! Every. Single. Time. The pieces I chose for this Showcase were no different! The Leah Wrap Top and Emilya Skinny Pants are both patterns that have been in my collection for some time. I’ve had fabric for the Emilya Skinny Pants for so long that I’ve since forgotten where it came from! So I was thrilled when I was asked to participate in the Showcase again and quickly signed up for these two gorgeous patterns!

Here’s a little secret about my Leah Wrap Top…I made it with bed sheets I bought on super clearance at Target!!! I know, right! It’s like they called to me from the shelf and they were begging to be made into a Leah! True story!

The Leah Wrap Top sews together flawlessly. My favorite part is the option for the pleated sleeve near the wrist. It’s a quick little option that looks so amazing and adds a special touch. You can embellish it with a little bow or button if you’d like also! If pleats aren’t your thing, you can certainly skip it and will still look amazing! I also love the gathered sleeve at the shoulder. Ruby said she feels grown up when she has sleeves like this! The fabric that I used frayed a good bit since it was some sort of sateen bed sheet. If you use fabric that frays, I highly recommend using a serger or overcast stitch to finish your seams. The pattern will guide you on when/where to do this.

Even if you are dealing with Mother Nature’s fury, the Leah can be worn with a cami or layering tee underneath to provide extra warmth. For Spring and Summer just the top alone is perfect. I have some yummy Art Gallery Voile that I’ve been hoarding for a Leah Wrap Top. I think it will be top on my list for Spring! You can also sew this wrap top in knit with no modifications! I love patterns that work for both wovens and knits like this!

The Emilya Skinny Pants look so tailored and professional when done. Since cold weather was just around the corner (as in temps dropping 40 degrees overnight), I opted for the pants length for these. Ruby loves pockets and just last week was asking for pants with real pockets in front. This is a big deal because she normally refuses to wear pants and opts for only leggings, skirts or dresses! So I went with every single pocket option the pattern allowed!

The pattern was very clear and easy to follow. I loved how the cargo pocket came together with the pleats and the bow accent on the flap! I think I may add a tiny bit of fabric glue to the center part of my bow since the sateen flamingo sheets were a bit thin and the centerpiece slid around a tad. Before we could even leave the house, Ruby loaded that cargo pocket with every shade of lipstick and lipgloss for the photoshoot!

The hot pink fabric for the Emilyas is stretch denim. I love it because she can still run and climb and play without it constricting her movements. The pants has the perfect amount of ease to still look like a skinny pant but not feel tight on the body. The flat front waistband with elastic back makes for a modern look with a perfectly customized fit!

So if you’re Wild About Winter, or even if your kids are just making you wild, grab your copies of Leah and Emilya for some sewing therapy on these long winter days!