What features are included in your PDF patterns?

We feature and interactive layout on many of our patterns now. This means you can click through the pattern as needed. You can click the “skip to step  and it will take you there. No more scrolling. Check out our video on how our interactive patterns work HERE.  All of our patterns feature layers. With layered patterns, you can print just the sizes you want. For a tutorial on how to print layers, check out this BLOG POST. All our patterns that are over 4 pages in pattern pieces include an A0 file. We are also updating our patterns to include projector friendly files as well. Size charts, finished lengths and fabric requirements are all included. Tips and notes specific to that pattern along with fabric recommendations are provided as well.

Do you Offer a Discount for Purchasing Multiple Patterns?

Yes, we have three ways to save.

Save 10% when you spend $30 using code BUNDLEUP10

Save 15% when you spend $40 using code BUNDLEUP15

Save 20% when you spend $50 using code BUNDLEUP20

Where can I find your size charts? 

Yes. Here is our size chart for Baby, Girls & Women

How do I tape my patterns together?

All pages overlap 1”. You take your page and overlap them the 1”, matching up the lines and tape together. You can watch our youTube video on how to piece your patterns together HERE. 

What are A0 files?

A0 files are large format printing files. They have all the pattern pieces on one board so you can take/ send the file to your favorite print shop and have it printed on one large page. A few of my favorite place to print online are: Blue Prints Printing (this is the cheaper place if you plan on printing out a few pages). For single prints, your local Fedex or Office Depot are great options as well.

Are seam allowances included on the pattern pieces?

Yes. All seam allowances are included in the pattern pieces. Seam allowances are 3/8” unless otherwise noted.

I never received my pattern, now what?

Be sure to check your spam folder. The download link is on your order confirmation page. Click the highlighted link and your pattern will download. You can also log into your account using the email address you checked out with and download the pattern there. If you don’t receive the confirmation email, you can contact Katie using the contact form or emailing her at  Katie@TheSimpleLifeCompany.com

My 1″ test square isn’t printing correctly, how do I fix this?

Be sure your printer settings have the auto rotate box is ticked and the scaling is set to 100% or none. Every printer is different and I wish I could solve this issue for everyone. If you can’t get the test square to print correctly, you will have to call your printer manufacturer’s helpline.

Can I sell products made from your patterns?

Absolutely. As long as you are sewing the garment, you can sell it. If you want to manufacture a product with my patterns, you can email me about obtaining a license. Katie@TheSimpleLifeCompany.com

Where can I ask for help with a step in a pattern?

The Facebook fan group is the fastest way to get an answer to your question. You can join the FB group here. You can also email me at Katie@TheSimpleLifeCompany.com

Where can I find you on social media?

Can I use your photos?

If you are looking to use photos to sell a similar/same garment, then no, you cannot use our photos. Also, please be respectful and do not use any testers’ photos. You will need to use your own photos. If you want to share my photos on social media to promote a fabric shop or something other than selling the garment, please tag @SimpleLifePatterns

I am new to sewing, what patterns do you recommend starting with?

We have a lot of beginner sewing patterns. I feel the “Ayda” dress is the easiest pattern out there and great for a new sewer. Or start with a freebie! There are several to start with. All you have to do is join our Fan Group page to get the coupon code.

What is SLPco’s return policy? 

Due to the digital nature of our product, they cannot be returned or exchanged.  All sales are final. If you purchased multiple of the same pattern by mistake, email Katie with your order numbers.