Faux Wrap-dress Hack

Hello sewing friends! 
It’s Tamar back on the blog today to show you how to hack the Emma pattern to be a faux wrap dress.  I love the look of wrap dresses, but I prefer a dress that’s not going to be blown open by a strong gust of wind.  Hee Hee.  That’s why I set out to make a faux wrap dress.  It’s cute and comfy and practical.

Let’s get cutting. 

First, you have to slightly modify your front bodice piece.  Trace your bodice piece, and tape your tracing to your printed piece, so that it is no longer cut on the fold.  Make a mark along the side seam where you want your crossover piece to start.  Mine is 2 inches from the bottom edge. Draw a line from the top of the neckline to your mark. 

Cut your fabric along this line.  Cut four mirror image pieces of this bodice piece. (2 main, 2 lining)

Cut out the remainder of the pieces for Emma.

Let’s get sewing

Sew the shoulder seams according to step 21 in the pattern.

Step 22 will look slightly different.  Sew the neckline and the arm hole curves.

Turn and topstitch the neckline.  Cross your front pieces and baste the top crossover to the main bodice and your bottom crossover to the lining.

Finish your dress according to the Emma pattern instructions.

For the belt, cut a piece 3.5 inches by the length needed for your model.  Mine is 52 inches long.

Fold in half lengthwise, right sides together.  Sew along the raw edges leaving a one inch opening for turning. 

Turn and stitch the opening closed.

I chose the full back because I love the button detail for the back of a faux wrap dress.

And you’re done!  Congrats on making a fun summer dress!