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Megan Sewalong: Day 3

Welcome back to day 3 of the Megan’s Wrap Top and Dress Sewalong! It’s finally time to sew!!

Today we are going to complete the bodice of Megan. If you are not adding sleeves to your top/dress, you can follow the Megan’s Wrap Top and Dress pattern steps 2-9.

If you are adding sleeves, the bodice construction will be a bit different. Complete step 2 of Megan’s Wrap Top and Dress pattern as normal. On Step 3, you will only sew the side bodice edges together (the V). You will not sew the arm cycles together. Clip the corner of the large V, and then follow step 4. Your Megan should look like this (plus topstiching along the V. I had not yet topstitched in this photo):

Now, we will pick up Brenda’s Bow Back Dress pattern and follow steps 22-25. After you add and hem the sleeves, you will go back to the Megan pattern and complete steps 7-9. Here is my Megan bodice when Brenda’s sleeves.

If you have any questions, post them in the SLPco Fan Group! We are here to help! I can’t wait to see your Megan bodices in the Megan Sewalong: Day 3 album!

Happy sewing,



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