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SLPCo Showcase: Creating Beauty with Cheyenne + Pepper

I was inspired. I discovered a pattern that I adored but doubted my ability to actually create something of such beauty. I eventually purchased the pattern and let it sit, unopened, hidden in my PDF Patterns folder on my desktop for months. Then one day I saw a fabric collection … and ZING!

“What if I married that fabric with that pattern…they would make one cute ‘baby’.”

So, a project was born: The Pepper’s Peek A Boo Skirt..

The pattern itself wasn’t difficult, but it truly was a labor of love. Sort of like labor and deliveries, each has its own story, its own time table (1st baby: 16 hours, 2nd baby: 6 hours, 3rd baby: 2 hours – yeah, hubby missed that one). This project was probably in the baby #2 time range, but you know what – I enjoyed every minute of it. I was not rushed trying to meet an immediate deadline, event, or sewing for someone else, and never needed my seam ripper; I took my time and CREATED, making the vision in my head a reality. And it was worth it!

Planning: Pattern and Fabric 

I have so much LOVE for the Pepper’s Peek A Boo skirt! One of my favorite things is symmetry with a little unexpected surprise, and that is exactly how I would describe this skirt with the three perfect tiers and little scrunched ‘peek a boo’ to break up the linear pattern. And that bow tie! Swoon. Such a great pattern to showcase the fabric…

This small sample from the Magic Collection by Sarah Jane is so sweet – simple perfection to paint the Pepper’s Skirt. (I also used a solid white and a coordinating pink-with-white-polkadot from my stash).

And I cannot be the only one that is constantly amazed at the transformation of a pile of fabric into a lovely garment. It is truly magical, and we should celebrate being a part of that process! See, we are super-moms; we can ‘transform’!


I love it when a project forces me out of my comfort zone by challenging my skills and confidence. I finally learned to create a rolled hem on my serger. WHY DID I WAIT SO LONG TO BE BRAVE ENOUGH TO TRY? I LOVE the end result, and the skirt is that much cuter because I chose to try something new (and it truly was easy).

After I finished sewing the skirt, I knew I could not pair it with a RTW shirt. The Cheyenne’s Ultimate Ruffle Shirt was the perfect top to pair with this adorable skirt. It is such a quick and easy sew with so many options – an everyday essential top that can be embellished to create a very unique and fashionable look. Oh, and I got to use my new skill again – more rolled hems! Yay!

Show and Tell.

I adore the final results. And my precious daughter couldn’t look any cuter wearing it!

When my daughter put it on she said she felt like a ballerina. That is honey to my ears…to bring my child joy and excitement, wonder and adventure, simply by making her something special to wear. Of course then she started doing her “I’m a Little Tea Pot” number from her last ballet recital, so we had to get out the tea set and take a few extra pictures.

I have only been sewing for three years and only SERIOUSLY for about the past two. I have swooned over all the beauty that I see on the Simple Life Pattern Company pages – such sweetness and TALENT! Honestly I was a little apprehensive about applying to be on the showcase; I doubted myself (again). “My work does not meet that standard,” I thought to myself, but I was wrong. I DID IT!

This project is like a joyful, wearable piece of art to me. I am so glad that I stepped away from the everyday sewing (you know, the required but essential items we make: first day of school shirts/dresses, the unexpected “Patriotic Day” outfit, the pattern testing) and sewed just for the process of it.

I encourage each of you to find a pattern or fabric that inspires you and CREATE just for the love of sewing. Take the time and savor the planning and preparation, the long hours at your machine, maybe even expand your skill set, and simply create something of beauty – and share it with us just like you would a newborn babe.

Hugs and happy sewing,



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Melissa Ross from Wonderfully Handmade


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