Spring Cleaning: A Sewing Room Bulletin Board Upcycle

Happy Spring everybody!  Spring is such a wonderful time to get some fresh air in the house and do some cleaning and organizing.  It feels like a good time for a fresh start!  This year as part of my Spring Cleaning, I did some organizing in my sewing space!  I’ve drooled over all of the gorgeous sewing pegboards online, but I’ve just never been able to get myself to buy one.  I realized, however, that I could do the same thing with an old bulletin board that I had sitting around.  I’ll show you how you can upcycle your own bulletin board into a cute and functional wall organizer.

The first thing that I did was refinish the frame.  I sanded it down and used a whitewash stain to lighten it up a bit.

Next, I cut a piece of fabric slightly larger than the opening in the frame and used a screwdriver to push the fabric under the frame. 

Now for the fun part!  I had these hooks sitting around. You can find similar ones HERE.

And they turned out to be perfect for hanging many of the things that I wanted to be within reach.

I used a push pin to hang a plastic clothespin for a solution for hanging my seam gauge.

I also found this great wire organizer in the Target clearance section for $5!  It’s perfect for any notebooks, manuals, pencils, fabric markers, seam rippers, etc.  I was able to just screw it right into the corkboard.

I bought some spice jars for the top rack and filled them with my plastic snaps.  The snaps look so pretty in the jars, and it will be so easy to find the colors I need!

Target also has these magnetic whiteboards. 

I hung them with picture hangers and found some magnetic spice jars for my metal snaps, grommets, and other hardware.

Then I used a magnet strip for needle storage.  I love that I’ll be able to customize the labels depending on what needles I need to store at the time.

I hung up a little tin bucket for my clips.  I have loved this solution for my clips.  I just take the bucket down when I’m sewing, and my clips stay together instead of being all over my sewing table.  When I’m done, I can just hang the bucket up again. 

Finally, I used a push pin to hang up my very first needlework project that I made when I was 10.  It’s a fun little reminder of my start with sewing and everything that my Mom taught me about it.

I hope I’ve been able to inspire you to do a little of your own spring organizing in your sewing space!  Happy Organizing!



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