Adelyn Sewalong: Day 5

We’ve reached our final day in the Adelyn sewalong! I can hardly wait to see your finished Adelyns and Mo’s Comfy Fit Unders! Let’s get started.

If you made a gathered skirt, you will need to gather it. Next, pin your circle or gathered skirt to your bodice, right sides together. Sew to attach and finish edges if you desire. Remember to use a stretch stitch when sewing! You are done with your Adelyn!! Hooray!

Now it’s time to make our Mo’s Comfy Fit Unders. These are my daughter’s absolute fav! She has Mo’s to match most of her outfits! I use a serger, and they take me about 10 minutes from cut to finish. They are a great scrap buster!

Sew the sides of the unders together, right sides together. Sew the strips of fabric together along the short raw edge, right sides together, to create loops. You will now have a waistband and two leg bands.

Next, you will section off your bands into four equal parts. I place a Wonder clip at the two sides, one at the back and one at the front.

Clip your bands to the respective parts.

Sew to attach. You will need to stretch the bands as you sew. By having the four clips around the band, this helps you keep it even as you stretch and sew.

Once you sew on the two leg bands and waistband, you can topstich. I usually leave this off on my daughter’s unders, but totally your call!


The Adelyn sewalong is finished! Head on over to the SLPco Fan Group and share you finished Adelyn and Mo’s in the day 5 album. We will leave the album open until Sunday at midnight. On Monday, we will announce the WINNERS!

It’s been a blast leading you on this sewalong! Thanks for joining me!

Until next time,



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